Competitions on mountain skiing and snowboarding memory of G.Severin


On February 7, 2018 it was 10 years  as General Manager  - General Designer of NPP "Zvezda" G. Severin, who headed the enterprise from 1964 to 2008, died.

Under his leadership  the  spacesuit and the ejection seat for Yuri Gagarin's flight, the  lock chamber and the spacesuit for the world's first spacewalker Alexei Leonov were created, and the  generation of spacesuits  Orlan  was developed that were used on the orbital space station Mir , and now on  the ISS.

The K-36 ejection seat and its modifications created by Severin G.I. are recognized as the best in the world, they are equipped with all military and many training aircrafts. He worked with Korolev S.P., Suhoj P.O., Mikoyan A.I., Tupolev A.N., Yakovlev A.S. and other eminent creators of rocket and aviation technology.

G. Severin is the author of more than 200 scientific works and inventions, was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, the title of laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR.

In his youth he was fond of mountain skiing twice becoming the champion of the USSR on a downhill.

According to the established tradition  on this day veterans and workers of  "NPP "Zvezda"  laid flowers on the grave of G. Severin, and annual competitions in mountain skiing and snowboarding was held at the ski club in Chulkovo.

The winners of the competitions in mountain skiing among men were:

Gusarov Denis - 1st place

Kalyaev Alexander - 2nd place

Baranov Alexey - 3d place.

Among women:

Simakina Daria-1st place

Levchenko Galina - 2 nd place

Borisova Galina - 3d place

The winners of competitions on a snowboard among men became:

Mitrakov Mikhail - 1st place

Averyanov Sergey - 2nd place

Semin Roman - 3d place

Among women:

Lipatova Marina - 1st place

Lipatova Natalia - 2 nd place

Kiryanova Nadezhda - 3d place