Russian cosmonauts complete long spacewalk


On August 18, 2017, the work was completed on the outer surface of the International Space Station.

The duration of the walk of Fedor  Yurchikhin  and Sergei  Ryazanskiy in the conditions of outer space was seven - hours 34 - minutes.

Sergei Ryazanskiy worked in the spacesuit Orlan  MK. Fedor Yurchikhin wore an upgraded Orlan MKS with an improved temperature control system and a synthetic containment.

It was the ninth EVA overall for Feodor Yurchikhin and the fourth for Sergei Ryazanskiy.

The spacewalkers accomplished all of their planned tasks.

The cosmonauts Feodor Yurchikhin and Sergei  Ryazanskiy feel well after returning to the station.