Test facilities

At present, “RD&PE “Zvezda” JSC features mostly unique test facilities to support a complete cycle of development test programs, which are finished with the issue of Statements on compliance with the technical specifications as well as airworthiness standards, Air Force general technical requirements, ISO 9000, etc.

The experimental facilities comprise:

  • Thermal vacuum chamber complex that supports man-rated equipment tests as well as pilots and cosmonauts training;
  • Centrifuge for physiological research and development testing of linear acceleration protection means;
  • Wind tunnel complex designed to test pilot protective equipment (Vmax=1800 km/h), aircraft in-flight refueling systems and fire extinguishing systems for aircraft engines;
  • All the facilities are equipped with modern test data recording and processing means. 

Tests of aerodynamic flow protection means for pilots (К-36D/ККО-15 system)

The wind tunnel designed to test complexes of the life support and emergency escape systems. 


Pilot’s high-altitude equipment tests in the thermal vacuum chamber


Preparation of spacesuits and deep-vacuum chamber for training of the next ISS crew 

Thermal vacuum chamber complex TBK - 50


The centrifuge with a pressure-tight cabin

Wind-tunnel tests of the fire extinguishing system

The wind tunnel for fire extinguishing system tests 


The K-36D-3.5 ejection seat tests on the rocket track