Ascent to the top of the mountain "Kazbek"


In the period from June 30 to July 9, a team of specialists from JSC "Zvezda" went to the territory of Georgia to climb the summit of the Mount "Kazbek" (5033 m). It was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the native enterprise. This goal was not chosen by chance. The shock absorbing seat "Kazbek" for the spacecraft "Soyuz"  is one the key products of "Zvezda" was named in honor of the Caucasian.The group includes: Shlykov A.G., Chumarin A.R., Friday A.S., Lapin K.V., Makeev D.K., Svishchev D.O., Khvorov V.V., Shishkin A. A., Shkilev D.М.

After the arrival the team settled in the village of Stepantsminda, located at the foot of the Caucasian ridge at an altitude of 1700 m. In the first days several acclimatization walks were made under the guidance of instructors. Enjoying the mountain scenery and preparing the body for pressure differences, the group moved higher - for the Saberce Pass, to the Meteorological Station shelter at an altitude of 3650 meters.  Now this building gives the rest and the accommodation for tourists before the final ascent to the summit. At the Meteorological Station the team learned the basics of using cats and ice axes, and also made another exit to the Orthodox church, which settled at an altitude of 4000 m.

Unfortunately, the ascent to the summit of  "Kazbek" which was planned for the next night was not crowned with success.Despite the beautiful weather that rejoiced throughout the previous days, a thunderstorm with torrential rain and a gale-force wind broke out on the night of the ascent. Rose to about 3800 m and got thoroughly wet, the group was forced to turn around and return to the shelter of the Meteorological  Station. The weather was not going to get better, and the leaders of the campaign, reluctantly, decided to cancel the ascent.

Except for this failure, the group was satisfied with the campaign. During the trip the team managed to enjoy picturesque views of rocks and glaciers, alpine meadows and flowering rhododendrons, waterfalls and mountain rivers, taste local cuisine and fully appreciate the hospitality of  inhabitants of Georgia.

The team of specialists expresses gratitude to all who helped to organize the campaign.