Quality Management System

"Research Development and Production Enterprise "Zvezda" Joint-Stock Company named after Academician G.I. Severin" ("RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC) finds its mission in protection and saving lives and health of people under extreme conditions, primarily, in the conditions aerospace flights. 

"RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC carries out its mission by research, development, production and supply of the life support, emergency escape and survival means for crews and passengers of the aircraft and spacecraft.

"RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC products include  results of research and development, design and production documentation and products to supply.

The consumers of the products are the organizations, which develop, manufacture and operate aerospace technology, as well as rescue and  medical services.  "RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC is sure that its own success depends greatly on consumer’s quality rating of the manufactured products.  

The product quality must comply with the effective standard requirements, contract terms and conditions and, if necessaty, known consumer expectations.  The degree of consumer’s satisfaction is considered to be the quality rating.        

"RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC aims at full satisfaction of the users with the quality of our products.         

This general goal concerns all the "RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC activities in the field of quality. The General Director-Chief Designer of the company  is personally responsible for the achievement of the said goal.

On the basis of the main goal, the company officials establish specific goals, responsibility and powers in the field of quality at every level of management and execution concerning all types of products.

To achieve the goals set forth in the field of quality, the company has established and maintains a Quality Management System on the basis of the following State Standards: GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008), GOST PB 0015-002-2012, GOST P EH 9100- 2011 (EN 9100: 2009) and other normative documents concerning these kinds of activities.

The Quality Management System is a part of the overall company management system; it provides for perfect manageability and controllability of the processes influencing the quality.

The Quality Management System implementation and operation make the company officials and the Users feel confident that all the activities in the quality sphere are in full accordance with the regulations agreed upon and quality specifications are met at every stage and area of activities.

The officials of the company strive for the personnel’s conscious participation in establishing and operating of the Quality Management System as the main factor of QMS effectiveness.

The company officials make the declared policy a public knowledge and intend to observe it strictly.