Social programs

The fundamental point in "Research Development and Production Enterprise "Zvezda" Joint-Stock Company activity is the observance of the Russian Federation legislation and fulfillment of its commitments in social responsibility sphere. The company is committed to providing all employees with working conditions, corresponding to modern requirements, monitors compliance with safety rules and occupational safety. It contributes to the formation of opportunities for youth self-realization, sports development and support of veterans.

The main document regulating social & labor relations at "RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC is a Collective Agreement for 2012-2014 signed on 19 July 2012. The Collective Agreement approved a basic list of social support measures:

  • a lump sum payment to employees in connection with the old-age retirement;
  • reimbursement of rental expenses for non-resident employees;
  • a lump sum payment to the employees happened to be in a difficult life situation;
  • a lump sum payment to employees at a birth (adoption) of a child;
  • a lump sum benefit to employees getting married for the first time;
  • subsidized vouchers to children’s health camps;
  • social benefits for veterans;
  • free Christmas presents for employees’ children;
  • partial financing of employee’s non-State pension provision by the company;
  • 50% reimbursement of payments for municipal pre-school institutions of Moscow and Moscow region;
  • reimbursements and benefits for employees working under hazardous conditions (additional payment for occupational hazard, free milk or any other equivalent food);
  • other kinds of social support.

Best employees are awarded with State awards of the Russian Federation annually.

All comers, including schoolchildren and students, may be acquainted with the "RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC activity. There are excursions to the Museum and Test Complex where the guests have the opportunity to see original exhibits of the USSR space program as well as to learn about the history of the unique Russian enterprise.

Every year, many employees of our company get healthier in the «Zvezdny» recreation hotel, which is situated in the resort town of Kislovodsk.  This recreation hotel has been the company’s property for a long time.

Active participation in the company’s social life is welcomed. It is very important to find reliable helpers in the team and do not limit the number of people willing to help. It is obvious that there is hardly a man in the world being able to make a passive man’s life interesting.

The company permanently improves its social policy and provides its personnel with adequate working conditions.