Sports life

The main purpose of sports activities run by "RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC is to arouse interest in being into sports that strengthens health and improves moral environment of the stuff. The sports activities also support labor productivity and quality.

In 2012 for the 60th anniversary of the company, a sports hall was opened at our facilities. Currently, there are a number of sports sections working successfully: volleyball, basketball, soccer, ping-pong, tennis, badminton and aerobics. There are 2 gyms: one is for all employees and another for aerospace engineering test subjects. Both gyms have modern fitness equipment, comfortable changing rooms and shower cubicles. All comers can play ping-pong during the lunch break.

Volleyball, soccer and badminton competitions are regularly held. The Zvezda’s soccer team takes part in friendly matches and tournaments, where it gets the prize-winning places.

"RD&PE "Zvezda" JSC officials have given its personnel a perfect opportunity to snowboard and ski at an alpine ski base in Chulkovo village that is not far away from Moscow. The snowboard and alpine ski competitions in the memory of Guy I. Severin, are held annually.

Moreover, the company employees have an opportunity to buy discount membership cards for visiting 2 fitness-centres: Citrus and World Gym.

Young specialists take an active part in youth tourist gatherings where active meetings, professional experience exchange, business and friendly networking with other companies’ representatives are promoted. Such gatherings also improve team-working skills and broaden people’s minds. It is worth mentioning that the youth of «Zvezda» has got prize-winning places in tourist competitions a lot of times.