Thermal Protection Suit TZK-14


The TZK-14  suit is designed for thermal protection of a crewmember on the ground at the temperature down to minus 50ºC and the wind up to 10 m/s.

The TZK-14 suit is used with the underwear, PK -14 flight suit and FOREL waterproof garment.


The TZK-14 suit with the underwear, PК-14 flight suit and FOREL waterproof garment makes it possible to stay at the ambient air temperature of down to minus 50ºC and the wind up to 10 m/s during 72 hours.

When the crewmember is afloat, the ТZК-14 suit provides his/her stay in water with the temperature about minus 1ºC during 12 hours.

The mass of the ТZК-14 set of any size does not exceed 3.5 kg.

The suit is manufactured in nine sizes which meet the civil classification in the following ranges: the chest circumference of 96-112 cm and stature of 164-182 cm.


The cold-weather one-piece suit with the underlining; the front closure is zipped;

The cold-weather jacket of loose cut with the underlining and hood;

The ТZК-14 suit is used together with the headwear, i.e. the helmet and skull cap.