Crash helmet for helicopter pilots ZSH - 17V

Designed for helicopter crew

ZSH-17V protects a pilot’s head from any impacts in the cockpit during the flight and emergency escape from the helicopter.

ZSH-17V protects the pilot from noise and blinding by sun glare and searchlights. It supports two-way radio communication. Various removable optical devices and the KM-37M oxygen mask can be attached to the helmet.

The helmet elements are made of materials having armor properties: the helmet shell is made of aramid fiber, and the light visor is made of polycarbonate.


  • maximum altitude to be used at with the oxygen mask - 6 km;
  • allowable equivalent air speed at emergency escape from the helicopter - 400 km/h;
  • weight - 1.2 kg (weight of a similar helmet - 1.6 kg)