Armored helmet for helicopter pilots ZSH-17VN

ZSH-17VN armored helmet is a part of protective gear for a helicopter crewmember.

ZSH-17VN protects the pilot’s head from any impacts on the cockpit elements during the flight and emergency escape from the helicopter.

ZSH-17VN protects the pilot from noise and blinding by sun glare and searchlights. It supports two-way radio communication. Various removable optical devices and the KM-37M or КМ-32АG oxygen mask can be attached to the helmet.

The helmet shell is made of aramid fiber, and the light visor is made of the Navarttro polycarbonate. The helmet protects the pilot’s head from secondary fragmentation.


  • Maximum altitude to be used at with the oxygen mask - 6 km;
  • Allowable equivalent air speed at emergency escape from the helicopter - 400 km/h;
  • Weight - 1.45 kg