Special-purpose parachute system Lesnik-3

The Lesnik - 3 parachute system is designed for parachute descending of paratrooper-firemen with full sets of necessary equipment from aircraft and helicopters having nominal descent equipment.

The system makes it possible to perform parachute jumps to unconfined landing sites located at the altitudes up to 2500 m above the sea level and land on them with fine precision.

Main characteristics:

  • Parachute system weight - no more than 18 kg;
  • Maximal airborne weight - 150 kg;
  • Vertical descent rate at airborne mass of 100 kg - no more than 4.6 m/s;
  • Horizontal gliding speed at airborne mass of 100 kg - at least 11 m/s;
  • Lifetime:
    • of the main and reserve parachutes - 10 years;
    • of the harness with the backpack - 5 years.
  • Assigned operating time:
    • main parachute - 350 deployments;
    • reserve parachute - 10 deployments.

The Lesnik-3 parachute system is compatible with both the current paratrooper-fireman equipment and advanced SPP-3 equipment set, which may be delivered in complete with the parachute system.