Special-purpose parachute system Arbalet - 2

The Arbalet - 2 parachute system is designed for parachute landing of special-purpose teams and pararescuemen with sets of necessary equipment and weapons arranged in the UGKPS-50 payload container as well as for training jumps from aircraft and helicopters equipped for parachute descent of the personnel.


The parachute system having the airborne weight up to 159 kg features:

  • safe performance at the altitudes up to 4000 m above sea level during separation from the aircraft at the flight speed up to 350 km/h;
  • parachute deployment both immediately after separation from the aircraft and after any delay;
  • G-loads of no more than 10 g at parachute deployment;
  • descent rate, vertical, of no more than 5 m/s;
  • descent rate, horizontal, of not less than 10.5 m/s;
  • 360-degree turn for up to 8 s;
  • stable descent even in the turbulent atmosphere.


  • Main/reserve parachute deployment force of no more than 16 kgf;
  • Parachute deployment using the manual opening link may be done either by the right or left hand;
  • Weight without the carrying bag and AAD is no more than 18.2 kg;
  • Overall dimensions of the packaged parachute system are no more than 0.65×0.45×0.28.