Nozzle Assembly of the GPT-2MS series


Nozzle assemblies of the GPT-2MS (-01, -02, - 03) type and the GPT-2MST type are designed to refuel aircraft in flight. The nozzle assemblies are mounted on refueling probes.


  • Refueling coupling;
  • Engagement warning system;
  • Pneumatic drive to open fuel valves of the nozzle assembly/refueling pod drogue;
  • Output fuel pressure regulator;
  • Structural fuse of the refueling coupling;
  • Emergency retraction system for the refueling coupling.


  • Maximum refueling rate is up to 2500 l/min.

Year of development: 1994


Ту-95МS, Ту-142, Ту-160, А-50 and IL-86SH.