Oxygen Equipment Set KKO - VK - LP


The KKO - VK - LP oxygen equipment set is designed to provide a pilot of the helicopter with oxygen at flight altitudes up to 6 km.

The KKO - VK - LP complete set comprises the KM-37 oxygen mask.


  • maximum altitude of the oxygen equipment set usage                               6 km;
  • usage time of the oxygen equipment set                                                   1.5 h;
  • set is operable at the oxygen supply unit pressure          from 10 to 210  kgf/cm2.

In order to increase the usage time of the oxygen equipment set, it should be used with the oxygen supply units of increased capacity:

  • BKP-4-3-210 (bottle capacity is 3 l);
  • BKP-6-5-210(bottle capacity is 5 l).