Emergency escape system SKS-94 for acrobatic and light airplanes

The SKS-94 system is designed for pilots’ escape from acrobatic and light airplanes; the system is one of the SKS-94 system modifications operated in the Su-31M, Su-26M3 and Yak-52M airplanes.

All versions of the system have passed through the State Test Program.

The SKS-94М2 emergency escape system features:

  • SPS-99 parachute system having a minimum weight and minimum volume when packed;
  • restraint system providing reliable restraint of the pilot in the seat exposed to accelerations in any direction;
  • stepless height adjustment.

The SKS-94М2 system provides safe emergency escape from the single-seat and two-seat airplanes at the flight speeds from 70 to 400 km/h and altitudes from 10 to 4000 m (with trajectories diversion at the simultaneous ejection of two pilots from the wrecking aircraft).

The SKS-94М2 useful lifetime is 30 years.

The routine maintenance is performed every 5 years.