Ejection & Shock-Absorbing System К-37-800М


The К-37-800М ejection & shock-absorbing system features:

  • comfortable cockpit accommodation and a reliable crewmember restraint system;
  • safe emergency escape from the air vehicle by ejection;
  • reduction of emergency landing impact G-loads to the values a human being can withstand by the way of shock-absorption.

There are no analogues of this system.

Design description:

The К-37-800М system consists of two parts: a seat and an onboard part. The system is designed to serve as a working station for Ка-50 and Ка-52 helicopter pilot and provide (in complete with the ZSH-7ВS crash helmet and the ККО-VК-LP oxygen equipment) safe emergency escape by ejection with the use of the towing rocket motor at an equivalent air speed from 90 to 350 km/h in the range of altitudes from 0 to 5000 m; moreover, the system reduces the G-loads the pilot is exposed to at emergency landing by the seat’s shock-absorbing suspension.

At simultaneous ejection from two-seat air vehicles, the trajectories of the pilots and their parachutes may be diverged.

The ejection & shock-absorbing system is produced in several versions.

The ejection & shock-absorbing system is combined with:

  • flight suit (summer, demi-season or winter);
  • ККО-VК-LP onboard oxygen equipment;
  • ZSH-7ВS (ZSH-7В) crash helmet, including the night-vision goggles;
  • NAZ-Ir survival kit;
  • МSК-5 immersion suit;
  • АSP-74 aviation life belt;
  • underwater breathing unit (from the Survival Equipment Seat).


  • Ejection speed range: from 90 to 350 km/h;
  • Ejection altitude range: from 0 to 5000 m;
  • Total mass of the pilot gear: from 6.5 to 12.8 kg;
  • Allowable pilot parameters:
    • weight:  from 57.0 to 91.4 kg;
    • sitting stature: from 810 to 980 mm;
  • Mass of the seat loaded with pyrocharges: no more than 57.25 kg.

Year of development: 2007


The Ка-52 and Ка-52К helicopters.