Ejection Seat К-36D-5


The К-36D-5 ejection seat serves as a working station for a pilot and a means of emergency escape from an aircraft by ejection.

The К-36D-5 ejection seat is designed for installation in the high-speed maneuverable aircraft of the latest generation; it is the further development of the К-36-3,5 seat family.

Design description:

In flight, a crewmember is held in the seat with a suspension/restraint harness system. The crewmember may be restrained in the seat with the shoulder and waist restraint mechanisms. The seat features stepless height adjustment, which makes the seat occupation comfortable for work and vision.

The crewmember protection against the dynamic pressure G-loads at ejection is provided with the protective gear, windblast shield, forced restraint in the seat, seat stabilization as well as the selection of one of three operation modes for the energy source depending on the suited pilot mass. At the aircraft speed exceeding 850 km/h, the MRM steady-state mode is adjusted by the automatics depending on the acceleration.

After automatic separation of the pilot from the seat, the recovery parachute canopy is inflated providing the pilot’s safe descent. A portable survival kit, which is separated from the seat together with the pilot, supports his/her vital functions after landing or water landing, makes the pilot search easier, and the PSN-1 life raft supports the pilot floatation on the surface of water.

In comparison with the К-36D-3,5 seat, the К-36D-5 ejection seat has improved operating characteristics:

  •  increased range of operating temperatures;
  •  increased range of flight personnel anthropometry;
  •  improved characteristics regarding minimal safe-ejection altitudes without on-board flight data;
  •  electric heating on the seat bottom and back.


The К-36D-5 ejection seat realizes the crewmember emergency escape within the range of equivalent airspeed (VE.) from 0 to 1300 km/h, at Mach number up to 2.5 and aircraft flight altitude from 0 to 20,000 m, including takeoff, landing run and «Н=0, V=0» mode. The seat is used with the KKO-15 set of protective gear and oxygen equipment.

Seat installation mass does not exceed 100 kg, including the survival kit.

Year of development: 2013


T-50 and Su-35S aircraft