A functioning breadboard of the shock-absorbing seat was manufactured.  Ergonomic tests were run.

The preliminary tests of the ЗШ-10НСЦИ and  ЗШ-17НСЦИ crash helmets fitted with the helmet-mounted display and target designation system were run; they were developed together with the Ryazan State Instrument Plant as a part of the «Luch» D&D work.

 The preliminary tests of the KC-50 oxygen system were completed. It was installed in the    Т-50-5 and Т-50-6 aircraft.

The State tests of the К-36Д-5 ejection seat prototype were completed.

The Inter-Agency Test Program for the AK-2005 shock-absorbing seat prototype designed for the МИ-38 helicopter was completed.

The commencement of works on the УПАЗ-1М unified refueling pod.

The commencement of works on design and development of the new-generation parachute system for ejection seats.

The mass supplies of the К-36Д-5 ejection seat for Su-35 aircraft were begun.