The ORLAN-M spacesuit prototype with the polyurethane pressure bladder was manufactured.

The ORLAN-MK spacesuit was used in 6 EVAs in the ISS.

The technical project on design and development of shock-absorbing seats for the ППТК, a waste management system and portable survival kit was worked out.

Commencement of works on creation of the          КС-2012 ejection system.

The beginning of mass supplies of the УПАЗ-1 unified refueling pod for the RF Air Force.

“The Study of ejection seat under adverse conditions” for the benefit of the foreign customer was completed.

The Critical Design Review of the Emergency Escape System (EES) and Life Support System (LSS) for the advanced multifunctional fighter was done.

Some technical solutions concerning the EES and LSS of the Frontline Aviation Advanced Airborne Complex product were defended before the customer.