The ЗШ-7А, ЗШ-7В, ЗШ-3Б, ЗШ-5Б crash helmets were designed & developed and introduced into the Air Force inventory.

The УПАЗ unified refueling pod system State tests were completed with a recommendation for series production and introduction into the Air Force inventory.

Commencement of works on creation of the oxygen equipment set for mountain climbers.

The SOYUZ T-2 spacecraft crew used the SOKOL KB-2 rescue spacesuit in flight for the first time.

A body armor set for helicopter pilots, comprising the ЗШ-5Б (ЗШ-3Б) crash helmet and the БЖ-3 bullet-proof vest, was designed, developed and introduced in series production in a short period of time (4 months).