The inflight refueling system for the М-4, 3М and Ту-95 aircraft was introduced into the Air Force inventory.

The development of the first full pressure spacesuit and Life Support System (LSS) for the VOSTOK spacecraft cosmonaut was begun.

The C-9 full pressure suit (S.P. Umanskiy was the leading designer) and the VORKUTA full pressure suit (A.I.Boiko was the leading designer) as well as the ВМСК-2 immersion suit were created.

The K-3A ejection seat was recommended for installation into aircraft for operation.

A preliminary design of the VOSTOK spacecraft escape system was developed and a mock-up of that system was manufactured. Works on an ejectable container with a pressure-tight cabin for animals.

Commencement of works on the K-24 ejection seat featuring a combined catapult gun.