In pursuance of Resolution No. 4325-1715 of the USSR Council of Ministers dated September 27,  1952, Order No. 1150 of the Minister of the Aviation Industry “Concerning organization of works on safety means for aircrews of high-speed and high-altitude aircraft” was signed on October 2, 1952.

According to the above-mentioned Resolution, pilot-production Plant No. 918 comprising a design bureau and a research department was established on the basis of the principal building of manufacturing plant No. 1 belonging to the Ministerial Central Storehouse located in Tomilino, Moscow region, and its high-priority tasks were defined.

Semion Mikhailovich Alekseyev, being the head of Design & Production Department at the Flight Research Institute at that time, was appointed the Director and Chief Designer of the new-established plant.

An experienced aircraft designer, who had passed through the school of design bureaus led by A.N. Tupolev and S.A. Lavochkin (during the World War II, Alekseyev was his deputy, in particular, settled up the La-5 aircraft production at Plant No. 21 in Nizhniy Novgorod), S.M. Alekseyev leaded Plant No. 918 a little more than 11 years. During the first years of his work, S.M. Alekseyev managed to recruit a number of highly-qualified scientists, designers and production personnel. The following persons can be referred to first of all: A.S. Povitskiy, V.S. Vakhmistrov, A.G. Trostianskiy, K.K. Gladyshev, A.I. Boiko, N.L. Umanskiy, I.L. Makarov, S.Sh. Bas-Dubov, V.G. Galperin, A.Ya. Balkind, A.M. Bakhramov, A.L. Zelvinskiy and others.

At the end of 1952, there was only one production building on the territory dedicated for the plant № 918 where furniture and skis were manufactured. There were also several barracks and sheds to dry wood. Due to the lack of production areas, almost all services, shops and offices were housed in an old building of the Central Storehouses, and designers huddled together in a cold semi-basement room. That was the base where design, test and production processes for creation of sophisticated aircraft technology had to be developed.