Spacesuit ORLAN-MKS

Currently, a new modification of the EVA spacesuit, ORLAN-MKS, is already passing through the final stage of the Test Program.

A new-generation EVA spacesuit features an Automatic Thermal Control System and polyurethane pressure bladders.

The automatic thermal control system monitors the user’s body temperature and maintains optimal thermal conditions for an EVA crewmember.

Use of polyurethane instead of rubber extends the pressure bladder lifetime in the orbit for at least a half times. The current Russian EVA spacesuit can be used maximum for 15 EVAs, and the ORLAN-MKS will support up to 20 EVAs.

Not only the pressure bladder and the thermal control system have undergone the changes, but also the spacesuit “brains”, the computer and its software. The computer checkups the spacesuit performance by 50 parameters, and if necessary, these parameters are displayed on a new modernized liquid crystal display.