Shock-absorbing seat CHEGET

“RD&PE “Zvezda” JSC is developing a new seat for cosmonauts, CHEGET, as a part of a long-range manned spacecraft program.

The main feature of the new seat is the lack of a personal couch liner. This seat is equipped with the means to adjust it by occupant’s shoulders, pelvis, leg length and height thus still providing for sufficiently tight occupant’s restraint in the seat.

CHEGET makes the working conditions more comfortable. The occupant’s position is changed, the angles in the knee and thigh joints are increased thus preventing any edemas and discomfort.  

Due to a higher level of G-loads that would act on the CHEGET occupant in the new spacecraft, it is planned to equip the seat with two shock-absorbers reducing vertical and longitudinal G-loads.

Currently, the CHEGET mock-up undergoes ergonomic tests.