Research, Development & Production Enterprise "Zvezda", established in 1952 and reorganized in a joint-stock company in 1994, is the leading Russian company in design & development and production of portable life support systems for aircraft and spacecraft crews, aircraft emergency escape and survival means for passengers and crews, aircraft in-flight refueling systems.

The systems created by "Zvezda" are successfully operated in thousands of military and civil aircraft and helicopters in Russia and abroad, as well as in all Russian manned spacecraft and orbiting stations, including the International Space Station.

The main tasks of the "Zvezda" team are:

  • to provide high performance capability of pilots and cosmonauts in their professional activities (including extreme flight conditions);
  • to increase aircraft operation efficiency owing to reduction of human factor related limitations;
  • to save pilots in accidents and return them to their professional activity.

As a result of in-depth scientific research and search for new, sometimes untraditional, solutions, "Zvezda" designed and developed highly-efficient integrated systems for all types of current and future aircraft.

"Zvezda" works in close co-operation with the Russian leading scientific and research institutes, design bureaus and serial production companies. "Zvezda" takes an active part in international programs.

We are proud that Yuri Gagarin, the first man who set off for space conquest, was wearing a spacesuit developed and produced by "Zvezda" and used the landing system developed by our specialists, that Alexey Leonov, who performed the first in the history space walk, wore our spacesuit and used our airlock chamber, and that hundreds of pilots owe their lives to our ejection seats.